Evan Burrell.


Rotarian. Actor. Voice artist.

Humourist. Spruiker. Presenter.

Raconteur. Adventurer.

All round good bloke.

Aiming high.

Determined to make a difference.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and find out more about me. Chances are, I have met you at a Rotary event, or maybe I met you socially. Maybe we crossed paths at one of my volunteer roles, or maybe you’ve seen my face on TV or in a movie, and you want to know more.

However you’ve ended up here, the important thing is – you’re here. And you’re about to enter the world of Evan Burrell. It’s a world of creativity, of energy, of sincerity and of superheroes.

You can follow me through social media, using the relevant icons.

But for now, strap yourself in.

Welcome to my world.

I’m really glad you’ve stopped by.